Shannon Banfield's body found at IAM on Charlotte Street

The body of the missing 20-year-old Republic Bank employee Shannon Banfield has been found.

She was murdered.

Banfield's body was found this afternoon in a warehouse at Charlotte Street, Port of Spain.

The discovery was made shortly after 2 pm at IAM and Company, located and 39 Charlotte Street.

The body bore marks of violence and her clothes had been torn.

Mother of 4 shot dead; man found handcuffed with multiple stab wounds; body found in drain

Police are investigating two murders and the discovery of a body.

One of the murders is that of a mother of four who was due to testify in a court matter tomorrow, involving ownership of property.

She has been identified as Cheryl Joan Cooper.

She was shot in a car outside her Harmony Hall, Gasparillo home this morning.

The other murder is that of 44-year-old Morris Mendoza, of 25 Poui Trace, St Mary's, Moruga.

Police followed a trail of blood that led to his body in a pea-patch off 5th Avenue Branch Road, Indian Walk, Moruga.

Body found in Arima

Police are investigating the discovery of a body wrapped in a sheet in Arima.

Residents of Samaroo Village made the discovery at the side of the road around 9 am Monday.

Police have not yet been able to identify the body.

Officers of the Arima CID and the Homicide Division are continuing investigations and are asking anyone with information to contact 999, 555 or the nearest police station.

Burnt body discovered in car in Carapichaima

Police are currently on the scene where a burnt body has been discovered in a car in Carapichaima.

The body was discovered by a farmer along a trace off the Exchange Connector Road this morning. 

The area is largely agricultural land.

The body was discovered in a white vehicle that was entirely gutted.

Police were unable to say whether it is a male or female.

Police are continuing investigations.

Body of man discovered in Petrotrin's Barrackpore Field

Police are investigating the discovery of a body discovered on Tuesday in Petrotrin's Barrackpore Field.  

A statement from Petrotrin says that the body of the man, who is yet to be identified, was found at an old compressor station.

Petrotrin says the station has been out of operation for several years.

The statement says that upon discovery of the body, the police and the District Medical Officer were notified and later responded.

The body was removed around 8 pm. 

Investigations into the matter are continuing.

Petrotrin finally gets body removed from oil tank

Petrotrin has finally been able to remove the body of the man who jumped into an oil tank to commit suicide on Saturday.

The authorities had spotted the body on Wednesday but a statement from the company says they were only able to remove the body today.

"Today, 2016 October 13, Petrotrin completed the recovery exercise at its Point Fortin Tank Farm Operations, with the retrieval of the body from within its storage tank.

The custody of the deceased has now been transferred to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and the immediate family members have been informed.

Body of man found in St Joseph

Police are also investigating the discovery of a body in St Joseph Wednesday night. 

Reports indicate that around 11pm, residents of Coconut Drive, Bangladesh heard gunshots and upon investigating found the body of a man in a drain. There were several gunshot wounds to the man's body. 

The man has not yet been identified.

Update: Body of woman removed from scene; no identification as yet

Police have removed the body of a woman found in Bunsee Trace near Morne Diablo, Penal today.

Residents of the area have said that farmers heard a scream last week but that when police went to investigate, they found nothing.

Among those visiting the scene today was a relative of Ria Sookdeo who was abducted three weeks ago while dropping her children off to school.

She remains missing. There is as yet no identification of the body found today.

GML journalist Cindy Raghubar-Teekasingh gives an update

Police seek help in identifying bullet-riddled body found in Fyzabad

Police are asking members of the public for their assistance in identifying a man whose bullet-riddled body was discovered Tuesday evening in Fyzabad.

According to reports, the body was discovered around 3 pm near one of Petrotrin’s oil wells near Forest Reserve Road, Fyzabad.

The body appeared to be that of an East-Indian male in his 60s and had been shot at least twice.

A shotgun was also allegedly found next to the body of the deceased.