Human remains found in Bamboo Number 1

Police are trying to determine the identity of human remains found in a drain at Bamboo Number 1, Valsayn on Tuesday.

The body was so badly decomposed, police were unable to determine whether it was that of a man or a woman.

St Joseph police say they believe it washed down from another area during heavy rains.

However, police say they have not received any reports of missing persons in that district that could help their investigations.

They are asking anyone with information to come forward and assist with the investigation.

Another body washes up, this time at King's Wharf San Fernando

Police are seeking the public's assistance in identifying the body of a man that washed ashore at King's Wharf this morning. 

Around 6:30am they received an anonymous call that a body was seen floating North of Customs House.

The man was of East Indian decent, 5'8" in height, medium built, brown complexion and wearing a long black track pants with red stripes, a grey t-shirt, and a black slipper.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact the homicide division at the San Fernando police station at 652-0495 or CID at 652-2564.

Decomposing body found in abandoned Toco house

Police are investigating the what led to the death of a man whose body has been discovered in Toco.

The body is already at an advanced state of decomposition and police are hoping that an autopsy will determine the cause of death.


Police had gone to Khan Avenue on Wednesday afternoon after residents complained of a foul stench coming from an abandoned building.

It was there that they found the body of a man.

Police say the body was missing three fingers on his left hand.

Eastern Division police are continuing investigations.

Police investigate body of woman found off M2 Ring Road

Police are investigating the murder of a woman whose body was found dumped along the M2 Ring Road.

Police say they received call around 10 this morning about the discovery which was made along a gravel road off the M2 Ring Road, Debe.

Police say there was blood around the head and upper body, and that the woman is of East Indian descent, in her 40s. 

The woman was clad in a blue top and black pair of trousers.

Officers suspect that the woman was killed hours earlier at another location and her body dumped off the Ring Road.

Woman's body wrapped in plastic found floating in Manzanilla river

The decomposing body of a woman was found by Forestry workers, floating by in the Mitan River, Manzanilla on Friday morning. 

Reports indicate that Forestry employee Mohan Kemraj and a gang of workers were in the process of clearing the river banks in the area when they noticed what appeared to be a human body wrapped in plastic, floating in the water.

They made their way out to the main road where they flagged down a passing police vehicle. 


Body of 27-year-old man who disappeared in Mayaro waters Sunday, discovered on shore

The body of a 27-year-old man has been discovered on the sea-shore in Mayaro.

It's believe that he drowned after disappearing in the water on Sunday.

Police have identified the man as Trevin Lalla of Balmain, Couva.

He was discovered around 6.30 am on by a passerby, in the vicinity of JR Animal Farm, Grand Lagoon, Mayaro.

The Mayaro police were then contacted.

Lalla went missing around 4.45pm on Sunday while bathing with friends in the vicinity of New Lands Village, Guayaguayare beach. 

Relatives said that Lalla did not know how to swim.