Carnival 2016

Mayor Tim Kee on Masquerader's death

The response of Port of Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee when asked about the discovery of a Masquerader's body in the Queen's Park Savannah on Wednesday. 


Female masquerader identified

The masquerader discovered at the Queen's Park Savannah this morning has been identified as Asami Nagakiya, according to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. She is described as a well known pannist from Japan who is a frequent visitor to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival to participate in Panorama.

A cause of death is still to be determined.

Monk Monte takes Road March 2016

Machel Montano has once again dominated the road march stage.

Machel's mega hit "waiting on the stage" was played 328 times while its closest rival "People" by Kes Dieffenthaller was played 29 times.