Structure of national emblem, national watchwords found in ruins

Police and Ministry of Works officials are investigating whether a structure in Caroni that displayed the national emblem - the Coat of Arms - and the country's watchwords, "Discipline, Tolerance and Production", collapsed on its own or was destroyed by vandals.

It occurred sometime over the weekend, just days after the country celebrates its 54th anniversary of Independence.

Murder in Roystonia; Man found shot multiple times in Caroni

The body of a man has been found with multiple gunshot wounds.

He was discovered slumped over the steering wheel of a car in the vicinity of Econo-guest house, at Kelly Village in Caroni.

The victim is yet to be identified.

There was also murder in Roystonia, Couva.

Police officers say that just after 11 am they received a call from residents of loud explosions heard at Roystania. 

Police responded and went to Oleandra Drive, where they found a man identified as Rudy Ramkissoon dead.