Chaguanas Borough Corporation

“Decriminalisation can create a next generation of addicts…”

“Young people should not be allowed to topple into a state of drug dependency because of neglect by the relevant authorities.”

That statement from Debbie Boodhan, the newly elected Councillor for Montrose in the Chaguanas Borough Corporation, who believes the recently passed cannabis legislation should be dealt with properly, in order that young people may not see marijuana as a solution for their frustration and pressure.

Administrative glitch delays Chaguanas Borough Corporation swearing-in

For almost two hours, guests have been waiting for the swearing-in ceremony for the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Aldermen of the Chaguanas Borough Corporation to begin. Among them, Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein.

This morning's proceeding was carded to begin at 9 a.m. however, up to 10:44 a.m. it had not started.

CNC3 News was told an administrative glitch prompted the delay.

New Enterprise South councillor does not subscribe to race politics

Whitney Stevenson-Hamlet—the 32-year-old councillor-elect for the Enterprise-South seat in the Chaguanas Borough Corporation—says she won’t subscribe to a narrative that suggests the country has returned to racial voting.

The newly elected councillor, who is of African heritage, went up for the local government seat on a UNC ticket, and ousted the long serving Ronald Heerah, who is of East Indian heritage, and served the seat for 20 years as a PNM representative.

Chaguanas Borough Corporation preparing for "any eventuality"

The Chaguanas Borough Corporation says it is prepared for any eventuality arising from the impending tropical storm. 

The Corporation is warning citizens to exercise caution and be vigilant.

The following is a statement by the Corporation.

"The Chaguanas Borough Corporation’s Emergency response Unit is actively operational for any eventuality arising out of the impending tropical storm warning that is in effect at this time.