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Coast Guard seize $210,000 in marijuana

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard have seized over $200,000 worth of marijuana.

Reports indicate that a T&T Coast Guard vessel tracked and intercepted a suspicious yacht on the border between Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada.

The Coast Guard boarded the Antigua and Barbuda-flagged vessel which had three occupants on board and a subsequent search revealed 14 packets containing a green plant-like substance.

The contents were later identified as marijuana which weighed approximately 17 pounds with an estimated street value of $210,000.

Coast Guard officers charged with drunk driving

Two Coast guardsmen are among 99 people held during police exercises over the Easter holiday weekend in the Southern Division.

The coast guardsmen were held in separate exercises, both for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. A report stated that on Saturday, PC Ramsaran and other officers were carrying out a breathalyser exercise at Cross Crossing, San Fernando. Around 3.15 am, they stopped a vehicle that was playing music loudly. The occupant, a coast guardsman from Chatham, reportedly attacked the officers after being asked to step out of the vehicle.

Coast Guard seize drugs aboard vessel off coast of Grenada

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard and Air Guard have worked together to seize over $200,000 in drugs aboard a vessel off the coast of Grenada.

Three people aboard the vessel have been taken into custody.

The following is a statement by the Coast Guard:

"Late in the evening on Tuesday 21st March 2017, the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard, in collaboration with the Trinidad and Tobago Air Guard and Regional partners, intercepted an Antigua and Barbuda flagged sailing vessel some thirty nautical miles (30 nm) off the coast of Grenada, with three occupants on board.

Minister congratulates Coast Guard for role in US$125 million drug bust

Minister of National Security, Edmund Dillon is commending the Coast Guard on its inviolvement in a recent multi-million dollar drug bust in international waters.

The bust was made during a joint drug interdiction operation with the United States Coast Guard.

The interception which took place on 16 February, 2017 in international waters north of Paramaribo, off the coast of Suriname resulted in a find of 4.2 tonnes of cocaine with an estimated street value of US$125 million.

TT, US Coast Guards seize US$125 million in cocaine

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard and the US Coast Guard have worked together to seize 4.2 tonnes of cocaine worth US$125 million off the coast of Suriname.

The Coast Guard issued this statement today.

"The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard in pursuit of its strategic operational mandates is committed to collaborating with local, regional and international counterparts to thwart all illegal activities in the nation’s maritime domain.

Coast Guard seizes close to half a million dollars in marijuana

Nearly half a million dollars worth of marijuana has been seized by the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard says that on Tuesday around 6:37 am, an interceptor, while on routine patrol, intercepted a 28-foot white pirogue in the Third Boca with two occupants on board.

The pirogue, occupants and contents on board were escorted back to Staubles Bay where further searches were conducted.

During the search two crocus bags with 59 packets of a "plant-like substance" were discovered, weighing approximately 32 kilograms with an estimated street value of TT$440,100.

Gasparillo house fire leaves two Coast Guard members homeless

Fire has destroyed a Gasparillo home occupied by two brothers who are members of the Coast Guard.

The fire started around 3.30 Sunday evening before completely gutting the two-storey house.

It has left Coast Guard members Dion Remy and Devin Williams, as well as Dion's girlfriend Giselle Williams, homeless.

Investigations into the cause of the fire are continuing.

Coast Guard makes first drug bust for 2017

The Coast Guard has made its first drug bust for the year, seizing over $167,000 of marijuana aboard a pirogue.

A statement by the Coast Guard says that at approximately 10:41 pm on Tuesday, an interceptor vessel of the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard intercepted a 28-foot pirogue, five miles (9 km) south of Chacachacare Island, with two occupants on board.

The Coast Guard says that the vessel, the occupants and the contents in the vessel were taken to the Coast Guard Headquarters at Staubes Bay where further searches were conducted.

British Royal Navy to conduct OPV training with TT Coast Guard

Britain’s Royal Navy is sending an International Maritime Training Team to Port of Spain to deliver two weeks of Offshore Patrol Vessel training to the Trinidad & Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG) in January 2017, a statement by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office says.

Coast Guard, Air Guard rescue three men at sea

Three men have been rescued in a joint search and rescue operation by the Coast Guard and Air Guard after drifting for 15 hours.

A statement by the Coast Guard said the men experienced mechanical problems with their boat which led to a search and rescue mission by Coast Guard and Air Guard personnel.

The following is the statement by the Coast Guard.