Commissioner of Police

Police officers arrested for human trafficking

Two police officers, along with a Venezuelan national, have been detained in connection with trafficking in persons and other gang related activities.

The trio were arrested during an anti-crime exercise overnight in the Central Division.

The officers, who are assigned to Central Division Police and also live in the area, had their respective homes and lockers at the station searched.

The home of the Venezuelan national also was searched.

New sexual offences laws in effect

Confirmation from the Office of the Attorney General that perpetrators of sexual crimes will face the full brunt of novel laws aimed at deterring, punishing and shaming rapists, paedophiles and those others with a propensity to commit sexual crimes. 

According to an official statement issued today, the tougher sex crimes laws came into effect on Friday 31st January 2020.

Police Commissioner and UNHCR Chief of Mission meet on Refugees Protection

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, met today with Chief of Mission of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Leila Jane Nassif at the Police Administration Building, Port-of-Spain.

Among  the  topics  discussed  were  national  security  and  humanitarian protection  as  it  relates  to  refugees, including issues such  as sex slavery and trafficking of minors, with the priority of both agencies, the TTPS and UNHCR, to collaborate and cooperate and to look after the wellbeing of refugees.

Traffic Restrictions for Reopening of Red House Building of Parliament

The Commissioner of Police and the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is advising of traffic restrictions in Port of Spain, on Friday 24 January, 2020, for the official Re-opening of the Red House as the seat of the Parliament.

The temporary restrictions have been made under section 68(1)  of  the  Motor  Vehicles  and  Road  Traffic  Act Pursuant to the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act, Chapter 48:50.

The Order  made  by  the  Commissioner  of  Police follows…


Trafficking charges laid on pastor; top cop feels vindicated

The Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, is calling out those who questioned the investigation of Pastor Glenn Awong of Transformed Life Ministry. 

In a Facebook post, the commissioner told his detractors that the charges of trafficking, false imprisonment and kidnapping of 69 people laid against Awong spoke for themselves.

Following is the full text of the Police Commissioner’s statement…

Nicole Dyer-Griffith: "We're as good as gold…"

On the day of her wedding anniversary, amongst the heavy criticisms of the general public of every move her husband, Gary Griffith, Commissioner of Police (CoP) makes, Nicole Dyer-Griffith assures that they both—along with her marriage—are "good as gold."

On Monday morning, top cop Gary Griffith took to Facebook, apologising to her for not "taking her out."

With the numerous deaths threats made against his family, Griffith was forced to send his wife and son to a foreign country to live.

Lawyer, 3 held as probe into Transformed Life Ministries continues

A prominent civil lawyer and three other persons have been detained for questioning of the trafficking of persons in the ongoing investigation into Transformed Life Ministries in Arouca in which 69 people were rescued from cages in October this year following an intensive Guardian Media investigation.

Senior police sources told Guardian Media that the attorney was picked up in the wee hours of this morning by officers of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) in an operation coordinated by Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith and headed by Sgt Mark Hernandez of SORT.

Top CoP: do not pay for FULs

Commissioner of Police (CoP) Gary Griffith is advising persons against paying anyone—including police officers—to secure a Firearm User’s License (FUL).

The top cop says that will not in any way assist in fast tracking their application.

In an official statement, Commissioner  Griffith says he has learnt that numerous  people  claiming  to  know  certain  senior  police officers, who  have made  promises  to assist them in securing their FULs. 

TTPS calls for media balance not bias

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) has issued an official statement advising CCN and the Trinidad Express to avoid abusing the freedom of the press, and to stop engaging in biased reporting.

In the statement issued today, the Police Service expresses concern that an employee of the media house may be advancing a particular agenda, namely, to discredit and attack the Commissioner of Police.

The full text of the TTPS statement, follows…