One Chinese, 4 Venezuelans escape from Immigration Detention Centre

Police and other arms of security are searching for five detainees who escaped from the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) on Monday night.

Around 5 am today, checks were being made by officers at the IDC, when it was discovered that the five men were missing.

The men were last seen around 10 pm on Monday March 1st 2019, after the last cell visit by officers.

The escapees are Canyiing Yang, a Chinese national, Jose Leon Romero, Roni Jose Torres, Cezar Alejandre Moreno Cedeno and Miguel Fidel Ovid who are Venezuelan nationals.

YTC absconders recaptured

Two juveniles who absconded from the Youth Training and Rehabilitation Centre in Arouca were recaptured in less than an hour.

The lads were engaging in extended recreation, playing various sports with prison officers at the centre around midday when they bolted.

Staff at the center went into alert and located the two young men close to a Ministry of Works building in the area.

They have been returned to the facility, which is a detention center for adolescents and falls under the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service. 


Detainees escaped through loose galvanized sheet

A feeble galvanized Sheet in the television room at the Immigration Detention Centre was all five men had to shift to flee to freedom.

Two detainees who witnessed the escape and spoke to CNC3 said the five men pushed their bodies against the galvanized sheet to raise it... and crawled through the opening onto the roof.

Immigration Centre detainees escaped during function

The five detainees who escaped from the Immigration Detention Centre in Arima may have snuck out during an event there yesterday afternoon.
CNC3 News spoke to a Senior Official at the IDC who said officers did not discover that the five men were missing until hours later.
During a routine head count around eleven last evening, officers realised five of the 107 detainees could not be found.
Three of the escapees have been identified as Venezuelan nationals Rodney Noel Mendoza, Luis Sifontes, and Jose Yanez.

Prisoner escapes Golden Grove Prison for all of 10 minutes

The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service says that around 9:55 am today, convicted prisoner Anil Sookoo escaped legal custody from the Golden Grove Convict Prison, Arouca.

Sookoo was recaptured at approximately 10:05 am by members of the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service within the environs of the Golden Grove Prison Facility without resistance.

Sookoo is currently serving a two-year sentence with hard-labour for larceny.

He began to serve the sentence on March 5th, 2018.

Kunti’s daring escape, after a week in captivity

A week after she was reportedly abducted by four men, Kunti Deopersad returned home yesterday after she managed to escape from her captors using a hairpin to unlock the door.

Deopersad account of the unusual kindness from her abductors, while she was locked in a room with another woman for a week, has left investigators confused.

The 39-year-old woman said she was fed vegetarian food at her request and was kept blindfolded for most of the time so that she could not see the face of her abductors.

Prisoner escapes from Sangre Grande Police Station

Police are searching for a prisoner who escaped from the holding cell of the Sangre Grande Police Station this afternoon.

The prisoner has been identified as Thriston Moses.

Police say Moses was being held for larceny of two television sets.

Around 1.30 pm Tuesday, a police officer was about to place another man inside the cell when Moses accosted the officer.

Moses managed to push the officer aside and escaped.

A manhunt has since been launched.


Woman who escaped possible rapist warns of blue "taxi" in Central

A woman who escaped from a car that was taking her somewhere against her will in Chase Village on Wednesday, is sending a warning to other women to be careful about entering a dark blue Honda Civic along the Chaguanas to Couva route.

The woman, whose identity we have opted not to reveal, shared her experience with us, saying she did not know if the intention of the driver was to rape her, kidnap her or worse.

The woman said: "Yesterday morning on my way to work from Chase Village, Chaguanas to Couva, a man tried to either rape me, kidnap me or God knows what else.

Wanted! Police seek public's help in finding fugitive

The police have issued another statement with regards to the escape of inmates at the St Ann's Hospital this morning, as they appeal for the public's help in finding Sheldon Thomas who remains at large.

The following is the statement from the police: