Cabinet reaches decision to divest land to Guave Road farmers

Cabinet has agreed to the divestment of lands in Chaguaramas currently owned by the Chaguaramas Development Authority to the State, for the purpose of granting leases to the Guave Road farmers, who have been involved in a legal dispute with the CDA since 2015. 

Los Iros farmers still awaiting relocation

Earth­quake dis­placed farm­ers from Los Iros are beg­ging the Min­is­ter of Agri­cul­ture Clarence Ramb­harat to make good on his promise to re­lo­cate them.

Its been al­most a month since 100 acres of arable farm­lands were de­stroyed in the 6.9 mag­ni­tude earth­quake.

Since then farm­ers have been un­able to sow or har­vest their crops.

Nob­bie Mathu­ra, who cul­ti­vates five ar­eas, said it breaks his heart to see fields of pep­pers and oth­er crops go to waste.

Around the World: New South Wales in Australia entirely in drought

A dry winter intensifies in what has been called the worst drought in living memory in parts of eastern Australia.
New South Wales was officially listed as "100% in drought" on Wednesday.
 This state produces about a quarter of Australia's agricultural output. 
The government has since provided emergency relief funding.
Farmers have lost crop and livestock. 
One farmer said "It's like you are in jail every day you turn up here because you've got to turn up. It's just depressing."