Body found floating in Gulf of Paria

The body of a man found floating in the water near the Waterfront Complex this morning has been brought ashore and is now the subject of a police investigation.

The body was first spotted around 11.15 am Monday morning and several photos of it were taken and posted online.

The man was completely nude.

He has not yet been identified.

The body is to be taken to the Forensics Sciences Complex to determine the cause of death.

Body of man found hogtied floating in Gulf of Paria

Police are trying to determine the identity of the body of a man found floating in the Gulf of Paria this morning near the port of Port-of-Spain.

The man was pulled out of the water early this morning after being discovered by port workers.


He was completely naked and found in what is commonly called a "hog-tie" position, with a rope attached to his two legs, his neck and his hands.

An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

Woman's body wrapped in plastic found floating in Manzanilla river

The decomposing body of a woman was found by Forestry workers, floating by in the Mitan River, Manzanilla on Friday morning. 

Reports indicate that Forestry employee Mohan Kemraj and a gang of workers were in the process of clearing the river banks in the area when they noticed what appeared to be a human body wrapped in plastic, floating in the water.

They made their way out to the main road where they flagged down a passing police vehicle.