Garvin Nicholas

Garvin Nicholas: Brace for nasty politics in 2020

Former Attorney General, Garvin Nicholas, is predicting that the 2020 General Election season will be one of the nastiest this country has seen.

The former AG observes that globally, there seems to be a change in the tenor of the conduct of politics, and here in T&T, we are mirroring that trend.

He says we got an inkling of what’s to come in the recent Local Government Elections.

And he believes the recent Cabinet reshuffle clearly demonstrates that ‘old school’ politics will continue to dominate the local landscape. 

AG: Why I discontinued Malcolm Jones case

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi says his decision to discontinue the legal proceedings against former Petrotrin chairman Malcolm Jones, was based on legal advice that was also available to former Attorneys-General Anand Ramlogan and Garvin Nicholas.

The AG is questioning why that some information was kept away from the legal team.

The following is the statement issued by the Office of the Attorney General on Wednesday evening: