Gary Aboud

Aboud questions Kallco getting $1 million per day for no work

Environmental activist and fisherman Gary Aboud is questioning claims by Government that delays in the construction of the $5 billion Churchill-Roosevelt Highway Extension to Manzanilla (CRHEM) was costing taxpayers $1 million a day.

Aboud, who is also secretary of Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS), is also questioning whether contractor Kallco was receiving monies for works it had not done.

Accusing Works Minister Rohan Sinanan of contempt of court, Aboud said the minister showed disregard to the court by signing the contract with Kallco on December 20.

FFOS wants "state of emergency" on Gulf of Paria fisheries

The group, Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) is calling for a "state of emergency" on fishing in the Gulf of Paria.

The group says claims that fish are safe to eat cannot be true when fish are turning up dead on a regular basis.

The following is a statement by FFOS:

"If the Government says the fish from the Gulf of Paria are safe to eat then why is there continuous death of marine species from Mosquito Creek to Point Fortin?