Gov't to take hijab issue to court for interpretation

The Government will go to the court to seek an interpretation of the law with regards to the decision by the Lakshmi Girls' Hindu School to ask a Muslim on-the-job trainee teacher to remove her hijab when she turned up for employment there.

Acting Prime Minister Colm Imbert and Minister of Education Anthony Garcia both confirmed that Attorney General Faris Al Rawi will take the matter to court.

Minister Garcia said his ministry has already received a report from the principal of the school.

"It's a flagrant disregard of the law" - Education Minister fired up by hijab issue

The Ministry of Education is condemning the circumstances in which an on-the-job employee was asked to remove her hijab at the Lakshmi Girls' Hindu School as an unlawful act.

Minister Garcia says this is not the first time that this has happened and he is calling for a full report into it.

The following is a statement issued by the Ministry of Education today.

Woman claims she was "abused" at MTS interview due to hijab

Ameerah Mc Donald is just 30 months old and weighs 52 pounds. She was born with a rare bone disease in one of the legs and also suffers from seizures.

Her mother, Aisha Sabur, 32, is a single parent and struggles on a daily basis to find the funds to take her child to the Princess Elizabeth Children’s Home in Woodbrook and other various health institutions for treatment.

Wonderful World insists religion not the reason for turning away worker in hijab

The management of Wonderful World Limited is denying that its decision not to employ Njemile Webb while wearing a hijab, had nothing to do with her religion, gender or ethnicity.

The company has issued a statement saying it is in the process of investigating the matter but wants to make it clear that those factors were not part of the decision.

The following is the statement from Wonderful World Limited: