Police raid Devant's home over "bomb-threat" posts

Opposition activist, Devant Maharaj says police raided his home and served him a warrant to obtain his mobile phone on Tuesday, as part of ongoing investigations into the bomb threat at several schools last week.

In a statement Wednesday, the Opposition activist says three police officers assigned to the Arima police station visited his home for the operation.

He says he did not understand the reason for the warrant since he was interviewed by officers on Saturday, regarding his social media posts that publicised a photo of the email of the bomb threat.

Man steals bus, causes havoc, in police custody

A 55-year-old man who stole a PTSC bus this morning and left a path of destruction in its wake has been captured.CNC3 News understands that the Longdenville man managed to breach the PTSC garage opposite the Chaguanas Police Station between 3 and 4 am and took a bus. Reports suggest he then collided with three vehicles and a gate along the Chaguanas Main Road. One of the vehicles struck during the incident was owned by a newspaper vendor whose van subsequently hit a parked BK Holdings truck which crashed into a nearby building.

International: House votes to repeal Obamacare; now on to Senate

President Donald Trump scored his first big legislative victory on Thursday as the House of Representatives voted to replace Obamacare, in an important step towards achieving one of the Republican party’s top goals since Barack Obama passed his signature healthcare measure seven years ago.

House lawmakers voted 217-213 to pass the Republican healthcare measure. While the bill now moves to the GOP-controlled Senate where it faces obstacles, the vote is a victory for Mr Trump who had ended his first 100 days in office with no big legislation.

Man crushed to death while demolishing house

Marabella handyman Brian Ifill went to do a day’s work to demolish an abandoned house in Gasparillo yesterday, but he never made it back home after the house caved in, killing him instantly.

Ifill’s employer, Michael Scott, said the death could have been avoided if Ifill had listened to his co-worker who warned him not to stay near the crumbling concrete wall.

Arson suspected in San Fernando house fire

Fire-fighters suspect arson behind a fire that destroyed a wooden house in San Fernando this morning.

The fire occurred at Pointe-a-Pierre Road around 7.10 am.

The owner, Paula Baird said there were several attempted break-ins on the property that were reported to the police.

She said just before the fire started, her daughter heard a dog barking outside.

Officers of the Mon Repos Fire Station responded but were unable to save the house.

Investigations are continuing.