San Fernando magistrate in stable condition following accident

A San Fernando magistrate who was involved in a vehicular accident on Sunday night, is now said to be in stable condition.

CNC3 NEWS understands that Magistrate Lisa Singh-Phillip, was driving near Williamsville at about 9 pm when the accident occurred.

Investigators believe she crashed into a concrete bridge.

Reports are that the mother of two has since undergone emergency surgery and currently is warded at the Intensive Care Unit of the San Fernando General Hospital.

She is said to be in stable condition.

New bridge not affected by incident on Curepe Interchange site—NIDCO

As works continue on the Curepe Interchange, one driver is said to have ignored the height restrictions while approaching the work site.

Reports indicate that the driver of the truck ignored the height restriction, even after being told that he could not continue beyond a particular point at Valsayn before the Interchange.

Reports are that the truck driver attempted to manoeuvre the truck beneath the temporary height restriction barrier and the barrier collapsed after the truck came into contact with it, while another approaching vehicle was hit by the falling barrier.

Trafficking charges laid on pastor; top cop feels vindicated

The Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, is calling out those who questioned the investigation of Pastor Glenn Awong of Transformed Life Ministry. 

In a Facebook post, the commissioner told his detractors that the charges of trafficking, false imprisonment and kidnapping of 69 people laid against Awong spoke for themselves.

Following is the full text of the Police Commissioner’s statement…

YOUNG: “We’re probing claims of UNC spying…”

National Security Minister, Stuart Young, says a probe will launched into claims of data mining and spying, sanctioned and used by the United National Congress (UNC).

At a news conference today, the minister stated he is very concerned about the information brought to light in a book by former Cambridge Analytica employee, Christopher Wylie, in which he details how the UNC sanctioned a breach of citizens’ privacy. Minister Young says he also is alarmed at how the information was used by a political party and not the state.

Brawl at Dwight Yorke Stadium

The TTPS Tobago Division has launched an investigation into a melée between police officers and civilians.

A video with the altercation, which occurred over the weekend at the Dwight Yorke Stadium, was widely shared on various social media platforms.

The video—of duration 1:13 minutes—shows several policemen subduing a young man, who is seen kicking and cuffing them. One policeman is also seen responding to the attack.

Two civilians were involved in the brawl but others who attempted to get involved were prevented from doing so by officers standing by.

Ministry investigates claim that staff member fraudulent offered family Greenvale house

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development has launched a formal investigation into allegations that a member of staff fraudulently offered a family a housing unit in Greenvale Park, La Horquetta.
A statement by the ministry says that "the Permanent Secretary wants to underscore that the ministry has always been transparent and will continue to be transparent when it pertains to matters that fall within its purview and wishes to assure the public that it has never and will never condone corrupt practices".

Minister orders investigation into alleged corruption at Chaguanas Borough Corporation

Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Haji Kazim Hosein has ordered an investigation into suspected building approval corruption at the Chaguanas Borough Corporation.

This follows the submission of documents by Cunupia Councillor Vandana Mohit alluding to improper practices at the Chaguanas Borough Corporation's building department. 

This comes after a recent shooting incident at the councillor's home, which she has called a reprisal for her questioning delays in the building approval process for certain burgesses in her electoral district.

Promoter not willing to help police with investigations

A music promoter linked to the controversial music video “Bunnin It”, featuring a man sitting on what appeared to be a police vehicle, said he does not intend to co-operate with police investigators.

The promoter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said he was “shocked” to see the artiste, known as Mumra, sitting on “a police vehicle” in the video.

“Me ain’t talking to them because they will look to pin something on us and everybody will run and hide from that.

I don’t have time for that,” the promoter said.

Investigation launched into use of 'police vehicle' in "Bunnin It" video

Police are now investigating a music video that has been shared online, which appears to portray a police vehicle.

A statement by the Police Service says: "The Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) has commenced an investigation into the unauthorised use of what appears to be a marked police vehicle, in a music video, now in circulation on social media. The investigation was initiated by the PSB on Wednesday 9th May, 2018, after instructions were received from Commissioner of Police (Ag.) Stephen Williams."