Body of Trini teen killed in Brooklyn J'ouvert being returned to T&T for burial

Mourners who attended the funeral of Trinidad and Tobago teenager, Tyreke Borel, who was shot dead at the Labour Day J'ouvert celebrations in Brooklyn last week, were only able to see his photos at the church.

No casket was present, as Borel's body is to be brought back to T&T where he will be buried.

No one has yet been arrested, adding to the pain of his family and friends.

“I would like anybody who knows anything or saw anything to come forward,” said Tyreke’s heartbroken mother, Alima St. Clair.

New York Mayor dismisses call for end of Labour Day J'ouvert after two murders

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has ruled out cancelling J’ouvert activities in the Caribbean community, saying that it is an event that’s “important to the community”.

But he said one day after the grand West Indian American Day Carnival on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn ended, that the city would consider changing the hours of the pre-dawn event.

Unruly spectators pelt bottles, injure Cocoa Devils J'ouvert masqueraders

Several people had to seek medical care at hospital for minor injuries, after a group of unruly spectators attempted to invade the Cocoa Devils J'ouvert Band.

The incident took place sometime aaround 6am as the band made its way along Pole Carew Street in St Clair.

A group of five men who were not registered to play with the band attempted to storm the band just as it was passing the Amar 104.7FM radio station.

The band's security was alerted and quickly ejected the men from the band.