Kirk Waithe

WAITHE: Police must probe Darryl Smith case

Head of FIXIN T&T, Kirk Waithe, says the allegations of cover-up in the Darryl Smith matter, are extremely worrying, and he believes it is time the police launch an investigation into the case.

Kirk Waithe is taking issue with the fact that the settlement awarded to the victim in the sexual harassment claim against Darryl Smith, was paid with public funds. He also points out that the victim could never discuss the matter because she was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Kirk Waithe served pre-action protocol letter from Angostura and its chairman

Head of FixinT&T, Kirk Waithe has been served with a pre-action protocol letter by attorneys representing Angostura Ltd and its chairman Rolph Balgobin over a "highly offensive' publication on the watchdog groups' Facebook page.

The five-page letter stated:

'The publication contains, inter alia, mock-up of Angostura Limited's product, namely, a bottle of Angostura 1919 rum and superimposed on that image are the words"SUPPORT ANGOSTURA SUPPORT SEXUAL HARASSMENT' and the hashtag '#rolphweinstein' and '#harveybalgobin'.'