Ministry to intensify locust spraying from Tuesday

An intensification of locust spraying is set to begin today after the Ministry of Agriculture St Patrick Locust Unit finally received a refurbished wheel tractor which enables cluster spraying.

A source said the tractor was repaired but there were two minor mechanical issues to rectify. 

"Once these issues are addressed, we expect full spraying to resume today," the source said.

On Sunday farmer Rishi Ramroop said the locust swarms were so bad that the insects were now entering homes.

Locusts move out of forest, continuing their destruction

The locusts which hatched in the forests of Mora last November have grown into fully-fledged locusts and are now attacking agricultural estates in the southwestern peninsula.

Teams are now struggling to deal with the pests and residents say swarms are entering their yards and houses.

When Guardian Media visited the scene, thousands of locusts were seen flying in the air.

The sounds of their wings could be heard if you listened carefully.

Spraying continues to eradicate locust problem

Spraying continued at Pine Trace, Coromandel Village, Cedros on Friday as swarms of locusts continued to feed off forests and fields of watermelon, pawpaw and banana in the southwestern peninsula.

Director of the Regional Administration South Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Raffick Ali as well as supervisor Paul Phagoo, accompanied spray and surveillance teams through forested areas to monitor and track the movement of the locusts.

Locusts ravage South farmlands

Locusts have descended on farms in the southwest peninsula, ravaging crops and vegetation.

The worst hit areas include Bowen Trace, Chatham and Austin South Trace.

Teams from the Ministry of Agriculture have been taking photographs and reports of the damage. However, sources say the lone crop dusting tractor is down so spraying of the insects is not possible.

Locusts invade Penal farms

Ex­ten­sive spray­ing has start­ed in a bid to erad­i­cate swarms of lo­custs which have al­ready de­stroyed sev­er­al acres of crops at Mendez Vil­lage, Pe­nal.

Res­i­dent Hem­raj See­lal said the lo­custs have been feed­ing off trees in the forests since Jan­u­ary but over the past month, they have start­ed de­stroy­ing fields of peas, cas­sa­va, ochroes and bo­di.

“They eat­ing up the ochro trees. We are fac­ing a lot of loss­es right now,” See­lal said on Mon­day.

MY EYE: Locusts invade Moruga

This photo was sent to us by Christopher Hodge using the My Eye feature on the new CNC3 App.

It's a photo of what Christopher says are "newly hatched locusts" that he said invaded homes of residents of the St Mary's Moruga area.

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Ministry of Agriculture says it will eradicate locust problem

The Ministry of Agriculture is advising residents and farmers in the Point Fortin area that the Ministry is committed to putting all the necessary resources towards eradicating the locusts currently affecting them.
The Ministry issued a statement Friday saying that it has a well-established and successful management strategy for this pest that exists mainly in the counties of St Patrick West and Victoria.

Locusts invade Strikers Village in Point Fortin

Point Fortin residents are now trying to deal with a swarm of locust that has taken up residence in their community.

The locusts were first seen in Strikers Village in July and have grown in numbers to reach the thousands.

The locusts have also been destroying crops in the area.

Point Fortin Mayor Clyde Paul took a look at the problem today and said the Borough Corporation has asked the Ministry of Agriculture for help.

Cameraman Ivan Toolsie captured the video below.