T&T national arrested attempting to cross into United States from Mexico

A Trinidad and Tobago national has been arrested as he attempted to illegally enter the United States from Mexico by crossing the Rio Grande river.

According to CBS 4 News, Declan Adrian David was arrested by border patrol agents on Tuesday after he crossed the Rio Grande near Hidalgo.

Police records indicate that David was formally deported from the United States on June 23, 2011 through Miami, Florida.

David was previously convicted of intent to manufacture or distribute a controlled substance in June 2002, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. 

18 die in Mexico following mudslides caused by Tropical Storm Earl

Mudslides triggered by intense rainfall in eastern Mexico have left 18 people dead as saturated hillsides collapsed on to homes in the wake of tropical storm Earl, the UK Guardian reports.

At least eight were confirmed dead on Sunday near the town of Huauchinango, in the rugged Sierra Norte de Puebla mountains in Puebla state, Huauchinango mayor Gabriel Alvarado said in a statement.

The death toll could still increase, Alvarado said, adding that more than 200 people had been affected by damages to homes.