MovieTowne murder suspect surrenders to police

A 23-year-old man suspected to have murdered Jamilia DeReveneaux surrendered to police, senior police officials say.

According to reports, the man called the 999 hotline this morning informing officers of the homicide bureau of his location.

Officers found him in a bushy area near Crews Inn in Chaguaramas.

Senior police sources tell CNC3 he attempted to flee the country on several occasions but was hindered by regular coast guard patrols in the waters off Chaguaramas.

On several occasions, it is believed he jumped off the boat and swam back to shore.

Man "detained" in Movietowne murder is released; police say he was not a suspect

Police say the man who assisted them with investigations into last evening's murder at Movietowne is not a person of interest but rather a witness and he has since been released.

Police say security footage shows that the victim Jamilia Derevenaux was having a conversation with her attacker in the car park before the incident occurred.

They say they believe when Derevenaux attempted to walk away she was attacked.

Her throat was slit.

The incident took place at around 8.15 last evening.

MovieTowne sold record 24,383 tickets on National Movie Day

Movietowne's hosting of $10 movies in recognition of National Movie Day, yielded the business record sales of 24,383.

Movietowne, which has branches in Port-of-Spain, Chaguanas and Tobago, offered patrons the opportunity to see movies for just $10 on Monday, down from the normal price of $50.

It also offered a $10 special on burgers.

The company said in a newspaper ad that the fact that it came in the midst of recessionary talk, further demonstrated the power of attractive brands and sound promotions.

Detour-Tech: We're being replaced because we're not "international enough" for MovieTowne

The managers of Detour-Tech say the reason they are being replaced from MovieTowne, is because they are not "international" enough particularly since well-known international chain Starbucks is seeking space at MovieTowne.

Detour-Tech says it believes that the managers of MovieTowne want only international companies at the front of the establishment.

Detour-Tech has since taken down the signage that suggested the company was being wrongfully evicted and a new sign will replace it on Monday.