Three murders in Western Trinidad

Two separate shooting incidents in Western Trinidad have claimed the lives of three men.

Reports indicate that around 3 am residents of Freedom Street, Cocorite, reported hearing several loud explosions.

Police were called in and proceeded to a house in the area where they discovered the bodies of two men lying in pools of blood.

They were pronounced dead at the scene.

In the second incident, police responded to a shooting in Carenage.

PNM Women's League condemns brutal La Brea murders

The Women’s League of the People’s National Movement (PNM) is strongly condemning what it calls the horrendous and senseless murders of four persons in La Brea earlier this week.

The Women's League says that as mothers, sisters and wives, its members remain traumatized by these murders since they have prematurely ended the lives of two teenaged girls, a mother and their landlord.

Two bodies found wrapped in sheets in Cunupia

From Saturday up to Monday, seven murders have been recorded and six people wounded from gunshot wounds.

The murder toll now stands at 47.

Police are at this time at Campo Village in Cunupia where two bodies wrapped in sheets of cloth have been found.

In an earlier incident, Franklin Wong, the proprietor of wong’s supermarket died hours after he was shot during a daring mid-morning robbery at his family business in Diego Martin.

This follows two other unrelated shooting incidents that occurred over the weekend where two men were killed and four injured.

Woman among two latest murders

Police are currently investigating the discovery of two bodies in separate incidents.

Shortly after 8am a relative of Arisa David proceeded to her home at Lime Head Road, Chase Village.

Upon entering the woman's lifeless body was discovered lying on the floor.

Police and an ambulance were called in.

Reports indicate that the woman's body bore marks of violence.

And in the next incident, police are currently at Savory Road, Chin Chin, Las Lomas where the body of a man has been discovered.

Police investigate two murders in Malick, San Juan

Police are investigating the murder of a man who was shot dead in Malick this morning.

He has been identified as Aaron "Son Son" Hillaire of Upper 6th Avenue, Malick.

Residents reported hearing several loud explosions before discovered the man's body lying on the ground bleeding from the chest.

Meanwhile, police are also investigating another murder in San Juan last night.

Police say that around 7:30 pm Tabati Hyland was ambushed by a gunman along Ryan Street.

An altercation ensued and Hyland was shot several times about the body.

PM 'at pain' over Malabar murders - "It makes us wonder what we've become"

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley says he is "at pain" over the brutal murder of 13-year-old Videsh Subagh and his guardian Hafeeza Mohammed in Malabar on Wednesday.

"It makes us wonder what we’ve become," the prime minister said, as he addressed today's post-Cabinet news conference.

The prime minister says he knows that when there are heinous crimes like this, there is a demand by the population for the government to act, a demand he says is "understandable".

Police investigate two murders in Laventille, Macoya

Police are investigating a murder this morning in Laventille.

The victim has been identified as Wendel Dubari aka "Lau".

Information is still not clear but police say he was shot at the corner of Mulrain Trace and Picton Road , Laventille.

The man was rushed to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police are also investigating reports of another homicide in Macoya today.

Two men shot dead in Lopinot and Arima

Police are probing two murders in East Trinidad, one in Lopinot and the other in Arima.

Around 11:50 pm 25-year-old Lleron Alexander was at his business place, LA Mini Mart, at East Main Road, Lopinot when a man approached him and a struggle ensued.

Two loud explosions were heard and persons around intervened and subdued the suspect.

Officers of the Northern Division Task Force (NDTF) arrived and conveyed both to the Arima Hospital.

Alexander succumbed around 1 am.

The 24-year-old suspect is still at hospital.

IWRN: Stop killing our women

The International Women's Resource Network (IWRN) has issued a warning that if Trinidad and Tobago's social and judicial systems are not reviewed quickly and also further strengthened to address the country’s social ills, society will begin to see murders as “normal.”

The IWRN has issued a statement extending condolences to the families of 23-year old Sharlene Somai and 65-year old Petra Manwarring who were both found dead today in seemingly unfortunate circumstances.