North Trinidad

WASA: Service Restored to Parts of North Trinidad

WASA is reporting that repairs to the blown air valve along the 48-inch diameter, Caroni-North Transmission Main at Piarco, were completed.
The supply reopened at about 9.30 this morning.
The Water Authority a short while ago.
Wasa’s Director for Customer Care, Alan Poon-King, explains the disruption had nothing to do with any industrial action by WASA workers, but instead, with its ageing pipeline infrastructure.

WASA: Heavy rainfall affects supply in North Trinidad

The Water and Sewerage Authority advises customers that heavy rainfall over the past 24 hours has impacted operations at some of its water treatment facilities.  
Several of the Water Treatment Plants throughout North Trinidad were shut down due to various issues including turbid river conditions, clogged intake screens and power failures.
The Water Treatment Plants affected are: 
-Sans Soucci
-Luengo & Naranjo and