Oil Tank

Petrotrin finally gets body removed from oil tank

Petrotrin has finally been able to remove the body of the man who jumped into an oil tank to commit suicide on Saturday.

The authorities had spotted the body on Wednesday but a statement from the company says they were only able to remove the body today.

"Today, 2016 October 13, Petrotrin completed the recovery exercise at its Point Fortin Tank Farm Operations, with the retrieval of the body from within its storage tank.

The custody of the deceased has now been transferred to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and the immediate family members have been informed.

Petrotrin reviews security at its operations following suicide in oil tank

Petrotrin says it has commenced a review of security arrangements across its operations following the incident that occurred at the Company’s Point Ligoure Tank Farm in Point Fortin over the weekend where its operations were compromised by a trespasser.

A statement from Petrotrin has listed the following series of security measures currently in place at the Tank Farm:

* A 12-foot security fence (wirewall panels) with razor wire at the top for added security

* Signage indicating that the facility is for Authorized Personnel Only

Petrotrin confirms body found in oil tank

Petrotrin has ssued a statement confirming the sighting of the body of the man believed to have jumped into one of its oil tanks to commit suicide.

Petrotrin issued the following statement Wednesday evening:

"Petrotrin wishes to confirm the sighting of a body within the oil tank in its tank farm operations, into which it is believed that Point Fortin resident Curtis Pierre entered on Saturday. This development follows an exercise to extract the contents of the tank which began on Sunday.