Palo Seco

No food, pampers for my babies

Un­able to feed and clothe her two ba­bies and with­out a com­fort­able place to call home, a Pa­lo Seco moth­er is cry­ing out for help.

For a long time, 22-year-old Nio­ka Alexan­der has hid­den the ex­tent of the squalor they live in, but last week Wednes­day af­ter she was caught steal­ing food items from a vil­lage gro­cery, her se­cret was re­vealed.

A so­cial me­dia video in­tend­ed to shame her had the op­po­site ef­fect.

She has re­ceived an out­pour­ing of sup­port and sym­pa­thy from the pub­lic.

Video: Palo Seco Explosion

One man was slightly injured following an explosion at Lease Operators in Palo Seco around 5pm Friday.

According to reports, the explosion occurred while fuel was being offloaded from a truck to a tank on the compound.

The compound contains several tanks and is often called a 'tank farm'.

Eyewitness the problem seemed to have emanated with the truck before it exploded, causing the tank to also explode.

The explosion also destroyed other vehicles on the compound, included a maxi taxi and a van. 

Explosion in South Trinidad

There is word of an explosion in the Palo Seco area.

The explosion happened on the compound of lease operators in the area of Los Chohos.

A truck exploded and set other vehicles a fire. We understand that the fire services has the situation under control. we will bring you more information as it comes to hand.