Farmer Nappy's 'Hookin Meh' the top pick of pan bands

Farmer Nappy's 'Hookin Meh' has been hooking pan men.

Of the 14 pan bands that have announced the songs they will play for judges in Panorama 2019, 'Hookin Meh' leads them all.

Five bands have selected Farmer Nappy's song.

They are Bp Renegades, Shell Invaders, Birdsong, FCB Supernovas and CAL Skiffle.

Nailah Blackman's 'Iron Love' and Superblue's 'Rag Storm' are running second, with three bands choosing each.

Despers, Redemption and Sound Setters have chosen 'Iron Love' while RBL Exodus, Silver Stars and Tropical Angel Harps have chosen 'Rag Storm'.

Pan Trinbago boss: All systems in place for Savannah Party

Pan Trinbago president Keith Diaz says there is a need for consultation among his organisation and the Ministries of Community Development, Culture and the Arts and the Ministry of Tourism to discuss Carnival related events.

“Culture is what helps our people to move forward in all walks of life and represent the people and we have the richest culture in the Caribbean so we have to know how to develop those values,” he said in an interview yesterday.