Police Constable

Police officer detained after shooting girlfriend

A police sergeant is now in police custody for allegedly shooting his common law wife, who also is a police officer.

According to reports, at about 10:30 last night, Dale Ramroop (a 48-year-old police sergeant attached to the Princes Town Police Station) and Nicolette Persad (a 29-year-old police constable), were at their home at Mohess Road in Barrackpore when they both began arguing.

The couple had just returned home from attending a function.

Female police constable, 4-year-old daughter escape abductors after getaway car crashes

A 31-year-old woman police constable and her four-year-old child had a lucky escape after they were abducted during a home invasion at her family’s Tamana home on Sunday night.

The cop and her child walked away from the ordeal when her abductors abandoned her and their getaway vehicle after it crashed into a motorcyclist and ran off the road.

The mother and child were said to be still traumatised last night after being treated and discharged from the Sangre Grande Hospital.

Former police officer arrested while in company of suspected drug dealer

A retired police constable has been arrested after being found in possession of an illegal firearm while in the presence of a known drug dealer.

Police say the officer, who was attached to the Western Division before he left the service, was held last night while driving "convoy style" from Maracas Bay along the North Coast Road.

The officer was in the presence of a man police say has been on their radar as someone they suspect is involved in the narcotics trade.

The officer is currently in police custody.