Guyana: T&T's ban on poultry is premature, ill-advised

The Guyana Livestock Development Authority has described a recent ban on poultry from Guyana by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, as “ill-advised and premature”.

The authority says neither the sale nor consumption of poultry meat poses any health risks.

It is seeking to assure Guyana's public that the issue with duck disease, has been contained and restricted to six duck farms on the coast of Guyana.

Felicity poultry farm facing possible shutdown by EMA

A Felicity poultry farm is facing the possibility of shutdown by the Environmental Management Authority (EMA).

This, after the EMA conducted an investigation into complaints by residents of the farm's infringement on their well-being.

The followng is an EMA statement:

"Today, a Team from the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) investigated the concerns of residents of Felicity, Chaguanas regarding a public health nuisance to their well being and enjoyment of property as a result of a poultry (duck) farm in the area.