Around the World: Ethiopia’s first female president

Ethiopian Members of Parliament-elect Sahle-Work Zewde as the country's first female president.
Ms Sahle-Work is an experienced diplomat who has now become Africa's only female head of state.
Her election to the ceremonial position comes a week after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appointed a cabinet with half the posts taken up by women.
After being sworn in, President Sahle-Work promised to work hard to make gender equality a reality in Ethiopia.


President tells Muslims to remain steadfast in their faith despite attacks on their religion

President Paula-Mae Weekes has called on law-abiding Muslims to remain steadfast in their faith despite the attack on their religion by criminals who call themselves Muslims.

In her Eid message yesterday, Weekes extended solidarity to "true Muslims" saying Islam has been distorted by those seeking violence and discord.

"It is alarming to observe the distortion of the message of Islam practiced by some in Trinidad and Tobago and around the world, who have been drawn into lifestyles of brutality and contempt for human life," she said.

President Weekes visits UWI for first time since becoming president

President Paula-Mae Weekes has made her first official visit to The University of the West Indies’ St. Augustine Campus since she became president.

Weekes visited the institution yesterday morning on the occasion of the 200th-anniversary celebrations of the National Herbarium of Trinidad and Tobago.

The event was timely as the campus joined with the international community in celebrating World Biodiversity Day, and marked the occasion with the ceremonial planting of two trees.

The Herbarium is the campus' oldest research institute.

Guyana's President, wife get clean bills of health after medical examinations in T&T

Guyana's President David Granger and First Lady, Sandra Granger were given a clean bill of health after undergoing medical examinations in Trinidad and Tobago today, under a Caribbean medical insurance scheme they have been part of for more than a decade.

The medical examinations were conducted at the Good Health Medical Centre at Fitzblackman Drive, Port of Spain.

President Granger and his wife arrived in Trinidad and Tobago on Sunday night.

They will return to Guyana on Thursday.

President meets with Independent Senators today

President Paula-Mae Weekes will meet with Independent Senators this afternoon. 

A statement by the Office of the President says that following upon the request on February 2nd 2018 of the coordinator of the Independent Bench Senator Dr. Dhanayshar Mahabir for a one-on-one meeting with then President-Elect Weekes, “to discuss matters of relevance to the Independent Bench”, Her Excellency has decided to take the opportunity to make the acquaintance of the Independent Bench.

Fake News! President did not influence PM to fire Darryl Smith

President Paula-Mae Weekes is denying claims being made on social media that she influenced Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to dismiss Minister Darryl Smith.

The Office of the President issued the following statement on Wednesday:

"It has come to the attention of Her Excellency President Paula-Mae Weekes that there is currently in circulation on social media, a message stating that the President refused to act upon the Prime Minister’s advice and appoint Darryl Smith as Minister in the Ministry of Housing.

President: Our little girls & boys have another sporting "shero" to emulate

"I congratulate sprinter Michelle Lee Ahye on her historic Commonwealth Gold Medal in the Women’s 100 meter final.

Ms. Ahye’s world class performance is a shining example of what I meant when I encouraged citizens to be the light.

Michelle fanned her personal flicker of self-belief with hard work and commitment and now her light shines golden.

I am delighted for her and for our country.

Ms. Ahye’s mother generously declared that this medal belongs not only to Michelle but also to the nation.

Weekes in Easter message: We can extract the essence of beliefs of others

President Paula-Mae Weekes said yesterday that one of the benefits of living in a multi-religious society such as T&T, is that “we can all extract the essence of the beliefs of others and discover its relevance to us.”

In her Easter message yesterday, she said the teaching of comparative religion in schools can bring a richer and more complete understanding of the beliefs, practices and fundamental philosophy of the faiths that co-exist in our shared space.