Property Tax

Church, charity, school bodies still exempt from Property Tax

It’s official: property used by churches, educational and charitable institutions will continue to be exempt from the Property Tax Government intends to implement this year.

Finance Minister Colm Imbert confirmed this yesterday following queries about a clause in new proposed Property Tax legislation which was laid in Parliament last Friday. Also presented was new Valuation of Land proposals to effect the VOL act. Both pieces will be debated later on.

Revamped Property Tax proposals from Govt

s Property Tax looming for properties used for religious, educational and charitable purposes?

The areas—so far exempt from the tax—are spotlighted in new proposed Property Tax legislation laid last Friday.

New Property Tax proposals, plus new proposals concerning the Valuation of Land (VOL) act, were part of a supplemental package laid in Parliament.

The proposals concerning the VOL involve a revamped Valuation Return form, seeking expanded details about properties.

Property Tax Valuation Forms can be submitted from today

From today you can submit your completed PropertyTax Valuation Forms.

The one month window opens today and will close on July 14th.

This morning, the Commissioner of Valuations issued a statement via the Ministry of Finance advising the population that they can voluntarily submit the forms to the Valuation Division throughout the country.

The commissioner is inviting property owners to submit the completed valuation return forms together with copies of as many supporting documents as possible.

Persad-Bissessar welcomes Appeal Court ruling on Property Tax

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar is welcoming today's ruling in the Appeal Court on property tax.

Persad-Bissessar says the ruling is consistent with what the Opposition has been saying all along.

The following is a statement she issued today:

"We welcome the Orders made by the Court of Appeal directing the Commissioner of Valuations to clarify that the demand by the Government for citizens to submit the Valuation Return Form (“VRF”) and supporting documents is purely voluntary.

Appeal Court gives Gov't green light to resume collection of Property Tax forms

Government has been given the green light to resume its collection and processing of valuation return forms required for the calculation of property tax.

In an oral ruling at the Hall of Justice this morning, Appellate Judges Peter Jamadar, Gregory Smith and Judith Jones dismissed injunctions granted by Justice Frank Seepersad on the eve of the original deadline for submission of the forms last month.