Property Tax

Property Tax appeal in court today

Attorneys representing Finance Minister Colm Imbert and former agriculture minister Devant Maharaj are expected to square off at the Hall of Justice this morning at hearing of an appeal against two injunctions stopping collection and processing of valuation return forms for the property tax.

The hearing comes less than a week after High Court Judge Frank Seepersad granted a second injunction to Maharaj, who claimed the State was in breach of the original order when it invited property owners to voluntarily submit their forms to the Commissioner of Valuations.

Finance Ministry invites voluntary submissions of property tax valuation forms

The Ministry of Finance is inviting anyone who wishes to submit property tax evaluation forms voluntarily, to do so.

The Ministry made the call in a statement issued on Tuesday.

"The Ministry of Finance wishes to advise property owners that they are free to submit valuation return forms and any supporting documents they consider relevant to any office of the Valuations Division on a voluntary basis."

The High Court has halted the mandatory submission of forms and the state;s appeal against the decision will be heard on June 6th.

AG pleased 'early date' given for hearing of Property Tax appeal

Attorney General Faris Al Rawi has said that he is pleased that an early date has been set for the appeal in the matter involving the filing of forms for the implementationn of Property Tax.

The AG issued a statement on the matter on Monday.

"The Court of Appeal consisting of Jamadar JA, Smith JA and Jones JA this morning gave directions for the hearing of the Appeal against the order made on Friday evening by Seepersad J at the San Fernando High Court.