Sat Maharaj: No more room for refugees

Secretary General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha Satnarayn Maharaj does not believe that this country has the capacity to “accommodate any more citizens,” and has no interest in assisting people seeking refuge here from other countries.

Maharaj told Guardian Media yesterday that Trinidad and Tobago is a “small country, we have 1.3 million people and already we are being over-crowded because you have free movement of people in the Caricom region who are coming here and settling and now we are being called upon to accept refugees from other countries.”

Archbishop on treatment of refugees: 'T&T too stingy'

Archbishop Jason Gordon is advocating for Venezuelan nationals seeking refuge to be welcomed, treated with dignity and integrated into this country.

In an obvious reference to the recent deportation of 82 Venezuelans following the confirmation of Presentation College students at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, San Fernando, yesterday, Gordon said they were not coming here to “sponge off of us” but because they are facing a crisis.