Rohan Sinanan

Sinanan: No excuse for motorist not inspecting vehicles

In a telephone interview with Guardian Media Limited, the minister of works and transport Rohan Sinanan says after being given the five-month moratorium and their commissioning of 60 approved testing stations, there is no excuse for motorists not having their vehicles inspected come January 1st when law enforcement begins cracking down on them. 

Sinanan says his ministry is pleased that motorists are using the 60 additional inspection stations and attribute their success to ease of access as owners of transport vehicles are no longer limited to licensing offices to get it done.

Man steals bus, causes havoc, in police custody

A 55-year-old man who stole a PTSC bus this morning and left a path of destruction in its wake has been captured.CNC3 News understands that the Longdenville man managed to breach the PTSC garage opposite the Chaguanas Police Station between 3 and 4 am and took a bus. Reports suggest he then collided with three vehicles and a gate along the Chaguanas Main Road. One of the vehicles struck during the incident was owned by a newspaper vendor whose van subsequently hit a parked BK Holdings truck which crashed into a nearby building.

Sinanan: Cyclists to be given same rights as motorists

Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan says he will be taking a policy document to cabinet this Thursday aimed at protecting cyclists on the nation’s roadways.
Minister Sinanan was on the scene of today’s horrific double fatality along the Beetham Highway involving members of the Slipstream Cycling Club.