Schools affected by water shortage expected back to normal Tuesday

The Ministry of Education says it empathises with students, teachers and staff who were affected by the disruption of service to the Caroni Water Treatment Plant.

Some schools were forced to close their doors earlier than expected as a result of having no water on the compound.

Minister of Education Anthony Garcia thanked teachers and students for their commitment to teaching and learning and acknowledged that unforeseen circumstances like today can become hindrances to the learning process.

Education Ministry appoints 180 teachers, 150 social workers for new term

The Ministry of Education says that during the July/August vacation period, it has been working strategically to prepare all schools to open its doors on Monday 3rd September 2018.

It says that as part of the preparation, it has issued contracts to over 70 Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) teachers, over 50 primary school teachers have been appointed, over 60 secondary school teachers have been sent to schools across the country and over 150 School Social Workers have been brought on to augment the employee complement of the Student Support Services Division (SSSD).

Minister: Schools deserve increase

Education Minister Anthony Garcia yesterday admitted that principals of private secondary schools deserve an increase in students’ school fees, but he’s promising to have the matter ironed out by the end of next month.

“We have no fight with the principals of private schools. I am willing to work with them to see how best we can resolve this,” Garcia said when asked at yesterday’s post-Cabinet media briefing if there was an impasse between the ministry and the principals.

Ministry owes $millions to private secondary schools

An impasse between Education Minister Anthony Garcia and the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Private Secondary Schools (TTAPSS) over an increase in fees for Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examination pupils assigned to their schools has left the Garcia looking for alternative places to put those pupils. However, Garcia is assuring all Government-assisted pupils will be placed.

Education Ministry seeking to complete funding to government-assisted schools

The Ministry of Education says the boards of management of government-assisted primary schools, have begun collecting their Cleaners and Maintenance Grants for Term III.

The termly grant is provided for the payment of costs associated with the cleaning and general upkeep of the schools.

The ministry says that principals of all 39 government-assisted secondary schools have also been able to collect their Term II grants. 

Education Ministry says 2018 SEA exam was a success

The Ministry of Education says the 2018 SEA examination was successfully conducted without any disruptions.

According to the ministry, the exams started at 8:30 am except for two centres, where there were slight delays of about 28 minutes.

The ministry says this was within the normal administration time frame allowed and did not impact on the conduct of the exam. 

This year a total of 19,208 students registered for the examination at 545 centres.

There were 9,467 girls and 9,471 boys.

Those numbers include 325 special needs students.