US loses in Appeal Court in bid to be part of Warner extradition case

An Appeal Court panel headed by Chief Justice Ivor Archie and including Appeal Justices Allan Mendonca and Peter Jamadar, unanimously ruled today against the US Government in its appeal in the Judicial Review matter associated with the extradition case against Jack Warner.

A written judgment was penned by Justice Mendonca, to which CJ Archie and Justice Jamadar expressed agreement. 

Instagram unrolls Live Video for US customers

Instagram today announced that Live Video in Instagram Stories is rolling out to all of its users in the United States starting Monday. 

Introduced in November, Live Video is an Instagram Stories option that allows Instagram users to broadcast live video for up to an hour. 

Live video content is discovered through notifications that are sent out when a friend starts broadcasting, and through the Explore Tab.

Live videos can be created by swiping over to the Stories camera and then choosing "Live" mode. 

US Ambassador: Immigration laws have not changed

US Ambassador John Estrada is making it clear that the laws that determine deportation have not changed.

The Ambassador issued a statement today fears of mass deportation of residents with the change of government in the US.

The following is the ambassador's statement.

"United States immigration law and regulations have not changed following our recent elections.

Non-U.S. citizens convicted of crimes in the U.S. can be deported to their country of origin. This happens in Trinidad and Tobago, as all over the world.

There's another election for millions in the US today and it has to do with weed

While millions vote to elect a new president in the United States, another election is taking place at the same time - a vote to decide if to legalise marijuana. 

The states of California, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada, are voting on whether to make marijuana a legal recreational drug.

In three others—Florida, Arkansas, and North Dakota—voters will decide if they want to legalize medical marijuana.

In Montana, voters will decide whether or not to ease restrictions on their medical marijuana system.

US says Trinidad and Tobago is a "valued partner" in advancing peace

United States Secretary of State, John Kerry says Trinidad and Tobago is a valued partner in advancing peace and development in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

In a message on Wednesday to mark Trinidad and Tobago's 54th anniversary of political independence from Great Britain, Kerry said the US looks forward to building on the progress made during Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s visit to Washington earlier this year.

US swimmers lied about being robbed; two taken off plane by Brazilian authorities

The American swimmers who claimed they were assaulted at gunpoint over the weekend by assailants posing as police officers fabricated their account of the episode, according to Brazilian investigators.

After watching video and hearing testimony from witnesses, the Brazilian police have determined the incident involved damage to a bathroom door at a gas station where the swimmers stopped in the early hours Sunday on the way back to the athletes’ village from a party.

The glory of winning at the Olympics, for the US tax collectors

She has flipped, tumbled and leapt her way into the hearts of millions over the course of the Olympic games. 

But when Simone Biles returns home she will be in for not just a major celebration but also a hefty tax bill.

The 19-year-old has won five Olympic medals - four gold and one bronze. She has cemented her title as the world's best gymnast by taking home the gold in the all-around after three successive world championship titles - a feat only accomplished by three others in history.

Police might seek US help in tracking voice notes

Police are investigating the origin of the voice notes circulating, warning of threats to schools yesterday as well as threats to bomb malls over last weekend and if need be will be using the assistance of the United States in tracking the criminal/s responsible for the voice notes.