Two men discovered shot execution-style in Valencia

Two men have been found shot dead in Valencia, in what police describe as execution-style killings.

Police are currently on the scene.

Reports indicate that around 7 am Friday, a Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) worker went to Well #2 on the Valencia stretch in Sangre Grande where he discovered the men.

The two men were found lying on their stomachs with their hands bound behind their backs.

Their bodies bore gunshot wounds in their heads and upper torsos.

Police investigate two murders in Marabella & Valencia

Police are investigating two murders today.

In the latest incident, a man was shot dead in Marabella in what appears to be a drive-by killing.

Residents of Centeno Street, said they heard a gunshot around 9.20 this morning, followed by at least seven more shots.

The later found a man lying dead on the street. He has not yet been identified.

Earlier, around 7 am officers of the Valencia Police Post received a report that the body of a man was observed near a home along Benny Road in Valenica.

The man appeared to have marks of violence about his body.