Man steals bus, causes havoc, in police custody

A 55-year-old man who stole a PTSC bus this morning and left a path of destruction in its wake has been captured.CNC3 News understands that the Longdenville man managed to breach the PTSC garage opposite the Chaguanas Police Station between 3 and 4 am and took a bus. Reports suggest he then collided with three vehicles and a gate along the Chaguanas Main Road. One of the vehicles struck during the incident was owned by a newspaper vendor whose van subsequently hit a parked BK Holdings truck which crashed into a nearby building.

International: Van plows into several pedestrians on Toronto sidewalk

Several people were injured when a white van slammed into pedestrians on a sidewalk in the north end of Toronto, sending numerous people to hospital and forcing a partial shutdown of subway service, police said.

Some reports indicate that there have been "multiple fatalities".

Police spokeswoman Jenifferjit Sidhu said it was too early to confirm the number of pedestrians struck or their injuries, and police did not yet know the reason for the collision.

Police say the driver was arrested and that as many as eight to 10 people were injured.