46 Venezuelans in court for illegal entry

Even as aid is be­ing sought for more 100 Venezue­lans mi­grants found hid­ing in the Pa­lo Seco area, 46 oth­ers ap­peared in court this morn­ing charged with en­ter­ing the coun­try il­le­gal­ly.

The ma­jor­i­ty of them were con­vict­ed and or­dered to pay fines of $2,000 and $3,000.

They were giv­en three months to pay the fines or serve six and four months in jail. Most were men and they came in­to the coun­try at dif­fer­ent dates be­tween last Au­gust and this month.

Venezuelans: We want a chance to work

While po­lice locked down the coastal points at Beach Camp, Pa­lo Seco and Erin on Wednes­day night, three more boat­loads of Venezue­lans ar­rived at Ica­cos Beach and Colum­bus Bay, while many more hid in the forests.

A source who re­quest­ed anonymi­ty said the boats came in be­tween 11 pm on Wednes­day to 1.30 am on Thurs­day.

Short­ly af­ter mid­night, a con­tin­gent of po­lice of­fi­cers ar­rived search­ing for the Venezue­lans.

It is be­lieved they fled in­to the forests near Con­stance Es­tate, La Ve­ga Es­tate, St Quintin Es­tate near Colum­bus Bay.

Venezuelans hiding in forest, feeding off mangoes and coconuts

Desperate to escape being caught by the police, more than 50 Venezuelan women and their children are hiding in the forests of Icacos, feeding off mangoes and coconuts.

By dusk, when the mosquitoes, gnats and sandflies descend to feed, the hungry women stumble out of the forests in search of food, holding their children protectively around them.

Guardian Media went in search of the bush families on Thursday and saw evidence of their existence. Fresh foot tracks were seen in the forest leading to the sea and a knapsack was spotted on the road.

Scores of Venezuelans who entered a week ago still missing

Scores of Venezuelan nationals who entered this country by boat illegally more than a week ago are still in hiding.

A woman, her husband and young child which she had strapped to her back said that they entered Trinidad by boat through a lonely beach at Morne Diablo in Penal.

They hid in a swamp for several days and later met up with other illegal immigrants in Palo Seco.

The Venezuelan family was rounded up in a massive police exercise yesterday in which illegal immigrants were held in Palo Seco,Erin and Cedros.

22 Venezuelans fined $3,000 each for illegal entry

A teacher, a stu­dent and a trainee po­lice­man were among 22 Venezue­lans who fled their cri­sis-strick­en home­land to Trinidad in search of work, food and a bet­ter life.

On Mon­day, they all ap­peared in the San Fer­nan­do Mag­is­trates Court charged with il­le­gal­ly en­ter­ing the coun­try. The 20 men and two women plead­ed guilty.

Hav­ing lost their jobs, un­able to find work or food and pen­ni­less, they came to Trinidad leav­ing be­hind their chil­dren and spous­es in Venezuela.

Venezuelan sex slaves being pimped for $400/hr in Los Iros

Villagers are calling on police to investigate reports that five Venezuelan women are being held hostage as sex slaves in a secret garden camp at Cokal mangroves in Los Iros.

Even though villagers have reported the matter to the police, the women have not been rescued as police officers are believed to be part of the operation.

A source who requested anonymity said the women are being pimped for $400 and $500 an hour.

Two people who tipped off the Erin police were severely beaten last week.

16 Venezuelans fined for illegally entering T&T

Six­teen Venezue­lans, in­clud­ing two women, were yes­ter­day fined a to­tal of $48,000 for il­le­gal­ly en­ter­ing the coun­try.

An­oth­er Venezue­lan, a 20-year-old stu­dent, was giv­en a chance as he was rep­ri­mand­ed and dis­charged.

They all ap­peared be­fore San Fer­nan­do Se­nior Mag­is­trate Jo-Anne Con­nor in the First Court.

Venezuelans flock to register for government amnesty

Dozens of Venezuelan asylum seekers and refugees flocked to the Our Lady of Perpetual Help RC Church in San Fernando on Monday, hoping to get assistance ahead of the government's May 31 registration.

From as early as 7 am, the Venezuelans gathered at the church on Harris Promenade where they were interviewed by officials from the Living Waters Community.

100 illegal Venezuelans arrested, ferries barred from docking in Cedros

Over 100 illegal Venezuelans have been arrested and about 25 sent to the Detention Centre following a tightening of border patrols around the southern coasts this week.

The Venezuelan ferries which usually bring some 700 plus passengers legally from Venezuela on a weekly basis have been barred from docking at the Cedros port.

When Guardian Media visited the area Wednesday, there were no activities at the port.

A Coast Guard interceptor vessel was docked outside of the security complex and was preventing any Venezuelan vessel from coming into the port.