15 boats bringing Venezuelans stopped by Coast Guard in Matelot

National Security officials are reporting that 15 vessels attempting to bring in Venezuelan nationals in this country were intercepted and stopped as they made their way to the coast of Matelot this afternoon. 

Officials say Coast Guard and other officials were monitoring the coastline and spotted the vessels making their way to shore. 

While some escaped, officials say 6 Venezuelans were arrested.

Minister describes viral video of Venezuelans coming ashore as 'disturbing'

Minister of National Security Stuart Young has described a video showing what appears to be Venezuelan nationals being smuggled into this country, as disturbing.

But Minister Young says the authorities are working on increasing border protection.

The video is believed to have been shot in Los Iros.

It shows several people arriving by boat near a fishing village, making a dash inland with bags in their hands.

The boat then speeds off.

It is not clear when the video was shot but it began circulating on social media on Monday.

Court releases six Venezuelans held at Rich Gold Hotel

Six Venezuelans who were held in a raid one week ago at Rich Gold Hotel and Bar have been released on orders of supervision.

The six women were among 35 foreigners held during that exercise whom police are said to have suspected of prostitution but were not caught in the act.

It turns out those six women are in fact asylum seekers and during the court proceedings it was revealed the delay in their detention was due to the fact that Immigration could not confirm their identities.

The women were not pressed with any charges.

Six Venezuelan men detained for illegally entering country

Six Venezuelan men were detained by police for illegally entering the country during a police exercise in Penal on Monday.

According to police reports the men were held by officers of the southwestern division task force, under the supervision of Snr. Sup. Neville Adams, during an exercise along Mohess road, Penal between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Reports say the men, who range from ages 20 and 35, were unable to provide proof of legal entry into this country.

They were handed over to the immigration officials who are expected to conduct further inquiries.

Two Venezuelan women held in Penal, handed over to Immigration

Two Venezuelan women are now in the custody of the Immigration Division, after being held by officers of the South Western Division, during an anti-crime exercise in the Penal district.

During the exercise, supervised by Sgt. Sheldon Ablacksingh, several drug blocks were searched between 2 am on Monday 4th June, 2018 and 7 am on Tuesday 5th June, 2018.

There, officers had cause to detain two women, whom they suspected of being in the country illegally.

Three Venezuelans held and handed over to Immigration officers

Three Venezuelan nationals were arrested by officers of the South Western Division, during an anti-crime exercise in the South Oropouche district earlier this morning, police said in a statement Monday.

Whilst on patrol, officers conducted inquiries at the Blue Door Bar, Belle View, South Oropouche, around 2 am on Monday 21st May, 2018, when they had cause to detain two women, ages 25 and 30, and a 58-year-old man of Venezuela.

The immigrants were conveyed to the Fyzabad Police Station and subsequently handed over to officers of the Immigration Division.

Nine Venezuelans held for being in the country illegally; handed over to Immigration officials

Nine Venezuelan nationals have arrested for being in the country illegally.

A statement by the Police Service says the Venezuelans were held during an anti-crime exercise over the weekend.

While on mobile patrol along S.S. Erin Road, Santa Flora, officers observed three vehicles driving in convoy, namely a silver Nissan Wingroad, a white Mitsubishi Lancer and a gold Toyota Hilux.

The officers observed five men and four women appearing to be Venezuelan nationals, whom they suspected of being in the country illegally.