National gender-based violence policy overdue—Conflict Women

Founder of Conflict Women Limited, Asiya Mohammed, says it is time that perpetrators of gender based and sexual violence face serious penalties for their behaviour.

Speaking on The Morning Brew, today, Asiya Mohammed argues that the current justice system continues enabling the perpetrators of gender based, sexual and domestic violence, because it takes so long to bring them to account.

She says that leaves them more opportunities to continue abusing their spouses and children.

GBV Unit already getting calls for help

The newly constituted Gender-Based Violence Unit (GBVU) in the T&T Police Service (TTPS) reports that already, it has begun to get calls from persons needing their assistance and are working on cases.

And head of the Unit, ASP Claire Guy-Alleyne, promises that persons coming to them for assistance, will meet officers who are sensitive to their trauma.

EOC chairman wants zero tolerance on sexual harassment

The Chairman of the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) is advocating that the country adopt a position of zero tolerance towards sexual harassment.

Lynette Seebaran-Suite says workers, trade unions, government, business and civil society must come together on this issue.

According to Mrs Seebaran-Suite, far too often, the victims of sexual harassment are further victimised, traumatised and harassed because they stand up for themselves—and that’s just plain wrong.

Shooting incident in Diego Martin

Two men were gunned down in Diego Martin last night.

CNC3 News understands that at around 7.45pm, 58-year-old Larry Joseph and 20-year-old Joseph Daniel were among a group of persons at Covigne Road, when they were shot and killed.

Daniel died at the scene while Joseph (of Cemetery Street) died while being treated at the St James Health Facility.

A third person, who was shot in the arm, was taken to hospital.

Pictures have begun circulating on social media showing one of the victims clenching several $100 bills.

Investigations are continuing.


HR EXPERTS: Time for proper sexual harassment law and protocols

A call for proper systems -- including clear cut legislation -- to be put in place to deal with cases of sexual harassment in this country.

It comes in light of the recent furore surrounding the Darryl Smith Report -- the outcome of a probe of sexual harassment allegations against the former minister, and a wrongful dismissal claim by the alleged victim.

According to HR consultant, Cavelle Joseph-St Omer, it is imperative that there are properly trained practitioners to handle sexual harassment cases in this country.

T&T Council of Evangelical Churches disheartened over discovery at TLM

The Trinidad and Tobago Council of Evangelical Churches says it is disheartened to learn of the inhumane conditions under which 69 persons were found at the transformation life ministry rehabilitation centre.

In a statement released yesterday, the Council said the actions of Pastor Glen Awong do not reflect the values of Christianity.

In addition, the Council said it in no way condones his actions and those of his staff, and expressed hopes the victims will receive all the necessary counselling, medical and financial support needed for a full recovery.

Social Development Ministry assists victims of Nelson Street fire

The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services has distributed temporary food cards and clothing items to five fire victims whose homes were recently destroyed by fire, a statement by the Ministry says.

The fire which took place on New Year’s morning at Building 55-57, Nelson Street, Port-of-Spain left 15 residents’ homeless and one person dead.

O'Meara accident victims identified

The six people who were killed in a tragic accident on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway at the O'Meara intersection have been identified.

The victims are:

1. Che Peters, 25, of Mora Drive Valencia
2. Karim Romaine of Eastern Main Road Valencia
3. Traves Teague,27, also of Valencia
4. Timothy Fraser
5. Avanel Thomas
6. Ramesh Narine.

Three people were lucky to escape with their lives. They are Roxanne Johnson, Rampiol Hanoo and Kwame Romain.