HDC issues alert for Oropune residents

The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has issued an alert regarding the rise in water levels in Oropune.

The HDC says the corporation and first responders have been monitoring the water levels in the courses around Oropune Gardens.

It says that at this time, water pumps are activated and it's teams are in the area to distribute flood bags if you require them.

It says that in light of this, it recommends that that residents also take the necessary precautionary measures.

Flooding reported in South Trinidad

Several communities across Trinidad are now facing rising flood waters following overnight rain.

The Meteorological Office has issued an Adverse Weather Alert for the period Wednesday 10am to Thursday 8pm. 

Kristian De Silva captured these photos in South Trinidad.

In the top photo, A cyclist peddles through floods in Barrackpore.

Below, a car navigates through floods at Lower Barrackpore and a resident looks out of his home as floods rise at Lalbeharry Trace, Monkey Town

Met Office issues rough seas warning, 3-metre waves expected

The Met Office has issued a Hazardous Seas Alert from 2pm today to 2pm Saturday.
The alert level has been raised to yellow. 
The Met Office says moderate to strong low-level winds are expected to affect sea conditions with waves of 2.5m to 3.0m and occasionally higher.
Tobago is expected to experience these conditions, and to a lesser extent, eastern Trinidad.

Adverse Weather Alert in effect from Wednesday to Thursday

The Met Office has issued an Adverse Weather Alert to take effect from 10 am on Wednesday to 8pm on Thursday.
It has raised the alert level to yellow.
It says periods of rainfall and thunderstorm activity are likely.
Street/flash flooding, gusty winds and landslides/landslips are possible near heavy showers and thunderstorms.
The Met Office says this activity is associated with the ITCZ and conditions may become intense during the outlined period.

Change in Adverse Weather Alert; it now takes effect from midday today

The Met Office has adjusted its Adverse Weather Alert, from the period Thursday to Friday, pulling it up by 24 hours to now go in effect from midday Wednesday.
The alert level remains at yellow.
The Met Office says there is a 70% chance of intermittent heavy showers or thunderstorms during the period, which may lead to street/flash flooding as well as landslides/landslips in areas so prone.
Gusty winds can also be experienced in the vicinity of heavy downpours.

Met Office cancels Adverse Weather Alert

The Met Office has canceled the Adverse Weather Alert and has returned the level to green.
The Met Office says that weather conditions have improved considerably.
However, the Riverine Alert remains at orange.
The statement said that river levels are currently near threshold values in some parts, especially along the Caroni basin and flooding is ongoing in certain regions as well.