Red Alert: Riverine flooding warning now at its highest

The Met Office has raised its warning level to the highest with regard to possible riverine flooding.

Riverine flooding occurs when water levels in a river overtops its banks and spills onto surrounding areas.

The Met Office says this type of flooding is more widespread and usually lasts for several days.

Currently, river levels have exceeded threshold levels and some have already over-spilled their banks.

Additional rainfall is expected hence river levels will remain at an elevated level over the next several days.

Disaster Management Units on high alert

The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government says that as the deluge across the country continues, all 14 Disaster Management Units (DMU) remain on high alert and continue to assist persons who may be trapped in their homes due to flooding or landslides.

The ministry says that earlier today, field officers from the respective DMUs visited critical areas that were reportedly affected following yesterday’s occurrences, to conduct damage assessments and distributing relief items as quickly as possible.

ODPM issues warning: Start sandbagging if living along Caroni River Basin

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) is advising persons residing in low-lying areas with a history of flooding, to commence precautionary measures to reduce the impact of flash and riverine flooding.

Communities with a history of flooding, especially along the Caroni River Basin are urged to commence sandbagging and to take the necessary steps to preserve life and property.

The ODPM says persons should remain alert for rising river levels and possible over-spill.

Adverse Weather Alert issued for Wednesday to Friday

The Met Office has issued an Adverse Weather alert for the period Wednesday October 17 from 10 am to Friday October 19 at 8 pm.

The Met Office says the alert is due to an active Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone which is expected to produce heavy showers and thunderstorms over some areas of the country.

It states says these showers and thunderstorms can lead to flash flooding, gusty winds and landslides/landslips.


Hurricane Michael makes landfall as dangerous Category 4 storm

Hurricane Michael -- which is now an extremely dangerous Category 4 storm -- moved ashore on the Florida Panhandle shortly after 1 pm Wednesday, on a projected path through the southeastern United States.

The storm’s eyewall began hitting between Panama City and Mexico Beach, Florida, bringing with it “life-threatening storm surge, dangerous winds and heavy rainfall,” according to the National Hurricane Center.

The storm’s sustained winds at the time of landfall were 155 mph, said the center, noting the storm actually intensified as it made landfall.

Hurricane Michael strengthens to Category 3 en route to Florida

Hurricane Michael grew into a major Category 3 storm as it howled closer to Florida's Gulf shore on Tuesday, sending tens of thousands of coastal residents fleeing to higher ground one day before its expected arrival with towering waves and roof-shredding winds.

Michael is projected to plow into Florida's panhandle at midday on Wednesday, unleashing potentially devastating waves of seawater as high as 12 feet (3.6 meters) that could rush inland for miles around the storm's center, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) warned.

Met Office issues rough seas bulletin

The Met Office has issued a Hazardous Seas Alert from today to tomorrow.
The Yellow Alert states that large breaking waves are likely to affect mainly northern coastlines of Trinidad and Tobago.
However, minimal effects or choppy conditions may occur in sheltered areas as well.
The Met Office says this event is expected to be short-lived and will likely last for 24 hours.
It says these conditions are due to long period swells with forecast values in excess of 12 seconds.

Met Office cancels Adverse Weather Alert

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service has canceled the Adverse Weather Alert for today.

The Met Office has advised that conditions have settled over Trinidad and Tobago.

However, it says it will take some time for flooding to subside in areas that were adversely affected.